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Community Based Tourism

Shan State

Pa-O Community Involved Tourism in Shan State 

Four villages in Nyaungshwe and Taunggyi townships in Shan State are already opened for tourists to explore Pa O ethnic’s culture and their arts and crafts. We can taste Pa O traditional curry, fruits and cereals. Sometimes visitors can participate in Pa O Novation Ceremony. Visitors can enjoy the following activies;

Entertainment with Pa-O traditional dancing by playing with traditional musical instruments

Observation in the Local farmers’ lives’  land and hill cultivation

On the trip , traditional handicraft industries, blue and hazy mountain range, local ways of life, seasonal crop plantations, long term plant/tree plantations, ancient & historical pagodas, panoramic view from the tip top of the mountain and so on.

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Nyaung Shwe Township, Shan State


In Lwenwe Phaya Taung Yay Seit, Nyaung Shwe Township, Shan State, it was implemented Community Based Tourism by the permission of state government. It was built six Inn traditional bungalow buildings. Each building has 30‛×22‛×11‛ and the roof is corrugated zinc, the wall, the floor, floor board is made with plank. It had been built to stay totally 12 visitors. The roof of dining room is corrugated zinc, the wall is bamboo and brick, the floor is floor board (50‛×24‛×11‛) and the cooking house (20‛×12‛×12‛) had been built. Community Based Tourism in Phaya Taung Village was started and implemented in 2016.

Community Based Tourism was implemented by the permission of state government in Sakar village, Nyaung Shwe Township, Shan State. It is renovated from the two-stories, old building. The roof is made of galvanized zinc sheet and the wall and the floor are planks. Each room is 18‛×12‛×9‛ and can stay 16 visitors. One storied two buildings had been built. The roof is made of bamboo matting, the wall and the floor are planks and one building is 14.5‛×13‛×11‛ and can stay 4 visitors. So, totally 20 visitors can be stay. The building of dining room has two stories and sets in upstairs. There had been built four restrooms. Community Based Tourism in Sakar village was started and implemented in 2016.