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Inlay Region

Inle Lake Wildlife Sanctuary

Location            –           Nyaung Shwe Township,Shan State.

Area                   –           248 square miles(642.32 Square Kms)

Access               –           Yangon to Nyaung Shwe by car

–            Yangan to Heho by by air Heho to Nyaung Shwe by car

Opportunities for Study and Recreation

–           Observation of world renowned wetland ecosystem at 2950 feet above sea    level

–           Observation and enjoyment of Scenic beauty of the Shan plateau.

–           Observation and research on various type of birds.

–           Observation rare species of fish

–           Observation of traditional agriculture practiced by lake dwellers.

–           Paying homage to Phaungdaw Oo Pagoda

–           Observation of floating market

–           Observation of distinctive leg rowing style of Intha(Lake dwellers)

Information about  Inle Lake

–           Located between 14˙ 46 to 20˙ 38 N and 96˙ 6 to 97˙ 6E   in Nyaung Shwe township in Southern Shan State at  (2900)  feet above sea    level.

–           Inle Lake drains through Nanpan Creeks to Saga-in and flows into the   Moe Byae dam to provide the Lawpita hydroelectric power supply

–           The livelihood of the dwellers in the lake are floating garden, fishing,agriculture, Silk and cotton weaving, Silver Smith and Cottage  industries