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Local Food

Inlay Region

Traditional Food

Some like Shan cuisine are found all over the region and even elsewhere in the country. Mostly made from natural, locally-grown produce, be sure to try dishes like Shan khao swe, htamin jin, lahpet, mala hin and myae oh meeshay. Tasting the authentic charm of Inlay Lake is by no means limited to food.

Shan Noodle Spot

Shan noodle spot, which we couldn’t see an English name for, sets up in a very basic looking cafe around halfway down Yone Gyi between the market and bridge on the south side. Tables spill into the adjacent yard and it’s hugely popular with locals, though food usually runs out by mid-morning.

Htamin Jin

The dish consists of either fresh or fermented rice, kneaded with boiled fish (usually caught from the Inle Lake, such as nga gyin), fresh tomato paste, mashed boiled potatoes and garlic garnish. Highland Shan rice, similar to Japanese rice, is used alongside the creamier Shan potatoes, giving the dish a very rich texture.